We can’t really say we are surprised with the news that the NBC Drama series Dracula got cancelled after only one season. What promised to be a great show bored us to death from episode 3 onwards, only to try and pick up the pace for the last two episodes.

Dracula, turned out to be a slow drama with little to no major story-line advancements after 7 episodes. After a normal first 3 episodes that introduced all the characters and story-line we expected to see more violence, more anger, more Dracula being Dracula! Instead we had to sit through 7 episodes of an industrial power battle between “Alexander Grayson” (Dracula) and the “Order of the Dragon”, and his infatuation with Mina Murray, played by Jessica De Gouw. Another major disappointment is Professor Van Helsing. They manage to make him the most boring, depressed character ever.

Dracula gets added to a list of shows that got cancelled as the production houses made their intentions known last week with a string of shows being added to the graveyard of half completed shows. These shows are:

2014 Cancelled TV Shows

“Growing Up Fisher”
“The Michael J. Fox Show”
“Sean Saves The World”
“Welcome To The Family”

“Surviving Jack”
“Raising Hope”
“The X Factor”
“Almost Human”

“Trophy Wife”
“Super Fun Night”
“Lucky 7”
“Mind Games”
“Once Upon A Time In Wonderland”
“Killer Women”
“The Assets”
“Back In The Game”
“The Neighbors”

“We Are Men”

The CW
“The Carrie Diaries”
“The Tomorrow People”

What show will you miss?