Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist Richard Fortus revealed in a recent interview with the Associated Press that his group is working on new material. According to the musician, the new album may arrive in 2015.

Fortus said:

“We are working on stuff and hopefully very soon we’re going to have new stuff out. Well, in the next year,”

The groups DJ Ashba added:

 “Everybody in the band is like writers. We all have our home studios. We all record ideas and pass them around. It’s that type of vibe.”

New 'Guns N' Roses album expected in 2015?

New ‘Guns N’ Roses album expected in 2015?

The mullet rock band is due to play a nine-show run in Las Vegas next month, Fortus continued:

“We’re going to be in [Las] Vegas all together, so hopefully during that time we’re going to be able to get in a room and start laying down some more stuff,”

They still have what it takes to kick ass based on their latest album released, “Chinese Democracy”, in 2008. The album received generally positive reviews from review aggregator Metacritic.