Gaming Geeks, strap in and pay attention! The PayPal gaming sale continues for a Sixth Week Offering Amazing Discounts.

The Sixth  week of the Paypal Gaming Sale

Pay $5 less when shopping on eBay, huge discounts on Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and games.

Paypal along with its partners started the sixth out of eight spring sale events aimed at gamers. This week customers can benefit from discounts on amazing games and get a chance to buy gaming products cheaper on All current offers are available at this address:

During the next 7 days gamers will have the opportunity to benefit from great offers: 70% discount on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, 75% off on Alien Breed trilogy, up to 56% off on the Pixeljunk series, 40% less for Race the Sun, 50% discount on SteamWorld Dig, Knock-Knock for €2.50, Deus Ex: Human Revolution for €1.99 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Limited for €2.99.

Except regular games there will be unique packets for MMOs: World of Tanks, Cosmic Break, Eve Online, Imperia Online and GetAmped 2. Console gamers can purchase a 12 month subscription for Xbox Live Gold with a 55% discount or try the service for a month for €2.49. Razer and Wargaming prepared a special promo that gives free gold in World of Tanks to RazerComms users.

Here is just a sneak preview of this week’s hottest deals:

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Offer Details:

Party Hard! – up to 50% off
Magicians and Looters, EVE Burst Error and Omegalodon discounted this week! Three great titles that will provide you the craziest and the most awesome gaming experience in your life! Enjoy the classic adventure, extreme graphic novel and The Enormous Shark Monster!
Freedom Friday
Fill your Friday with a fantastic selection of Freedom with Desura’s Freedom Friday on Friday!
WTFast – 22% discount
Grind, own and win with the best internet connection optimizer for games. With up to 70% boost of your game’s transfer speed you can finally say goodbye to lags and latency problems. Experience a new world of gaming with WTFast.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – 70% discount
Discover the sequel to one of the best-selling firstperson shooters ever made. Experience the gripping and heart-racing action of true warfare. Find out who will be the last man standing – you or your enemy?
Alien Breed Trilogy – 75% discount
Experience ultimate science-fiction action, three arcade-shooter titles in one fantastic collection. Thrilling single-player campaign, “Survivor” modes and two-player online co-operative battles.
RazerComms and World of Tanks – free premium and gold
Use your RazerComms ID to redeem your free WoT Premium and Gold bonus code.
World of Tanks – special pack
An offer for Paypal users. Includes: Löwe, Tier VIII German Heavy Tank, 1 slot in World of Tanks, 3000 Gold, 30 days of premium.
eBay – $5 off any game, any console
Use the coupon code ‘CGAMES’ at checkout for $5 off your purchase of $20 or more on any console, any game on and check out with PayPal. One-time use only. See for details. Expires Apr 30, 2014.
12 months Xbox Live Gold – 55% discount
Enjoy 12 months of Xbox Live Gold subscription and discover the full potential of your Xbox console. Play online with your friends, upgrade your games and download all the cool stuff to personalize your dashboard.
1 month Xbox Live Gold – €2.49
Enjoy 1 month of Xbox Live Gold subscription and discover the full potential of your Xbox console. Play online with your friends, upgrade your games and download all the cool stuff to personalize your dashboard.
Imperia Online – diamond pack
Receive for free: 200 Diamonds, 1 Silver & 3 Wooden Chests with resources. 70% more Diamonds on the first purchase with PayPal and 20% more Diamonds on every other purchase during the week.
Pixel Junk Franchise – up to 56% discount
ThePixelJunkpackcontains an award-winning Tower Defence game, an action-packed shooter with real-time fluid simulation and an artistic platformer filled with gardens for you to explore.
Race the Sun + Soundtrack – 40% off
Get Race the Sun 40% cheaper and receive the soundtrack for free.
Eve Online – 75% discount on starter packs
Launch your dreams of galactic conquest with an EVE Online Starter Pack, including a complete set of beginner gear and 30 days of game time. For a limited time, also get a limited edition Aliastra Catalyst spaceship!
CosmicBreak Power Charge –  special boosts and gifts
Special premium packages only for PayPal users. Includes limited time in-game boosters and equipment, as well as increased bonus Rt. Act now to make the most of your CosmicBreak experience!
GetAmped2 Power Charge – 7 day Premium Item
The fast paced 3D battle action online game with comical graphics! Special packages only for PayPal users, includes in-game equipment and increased bonus Crescent. Get them and survive till the end!
Steamworld Dig – 50% off
SteamWorld Dig is a platform mining adventure. Take the role of Rusty, a lone mining steambot, as he arrives at an old mining town in great need. Dig your way through the old earth to uncover the ancient threat that lurks below.
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Limited – PC: €1.99, PS3: €2.99
Visit such exotic locations as Himalayas, Sarajevo and tropical jungles in Burma to discover the ultimate sniper experience. Remember about wind, distance and bullet drop, and become the master sniper.
Knock-Knock – €2.50
Discover the unique hide-and-seek game where you have to maintain your sanity while fighting for your survival. Can you make it ’till dawn?
Deus Ex Human Revolution – €1.99
Enter the most realistic cyberpunk world ever created. Play as Adam Jensen, a mechanically augmented security specialist whose choices will change mankind. Become a fighter, hacker or a spy and change the world.
PayPal Gaming Sale: Sixth Week Offering Amazing Discounts

PayPal Gaming Sale: Sixth Week Offering Amazing Discounts

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