Gaming Geeks, strap in and pay attention! The PayPal gaming sale continues for a Fourth Week Offering Amazing Discounts.

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Are you ready for the fourth week  of PayPal Spring Gaming Sale?
Enjoy great games with up to 90% discounts!

PayPal has just launched the 4th week of its gaming sale with 13 new amazing offers. Continuing its approach to express how diversified the world of digital entertainment is, the leader of online payments greeted us with top-shelf indie and AAA productions. Two-month long sale accelerates with each new week, presenting extraordinary and critically acclaimed titles. The offers are updated each Thursday at 6pm GMT on

This week PayPal decided to prove that everyone can have fun while playing games. Fans of indie productions don’t have to be introduced to neither GhostControl Inc. nor PixelJunk franchise. Smart mechanics, charming design and pure joy of playing cought hearts of thousands of gamers around the world. Add Worms Armageddon and Race the Sun, and be sure that you’ve just found your new favourite way to spend free time. And just to sweeten the deals Desura’s prepared for you a special pack of free indie titles-the Freedom Friday selection.

Are you a hardcore gamer? Well, PayPal got something special for you too! Astonishing 90% off on Darksiders II-a brilliant sequel to one of the best action-rpg’s ever created. Check out the latest  and advanced chapter of the Call of Duty franchise: Ghosts which you can grab at 50% off! There’s also a special treat for the Eve Online fans-unique starter packs with free ships at 75% off. A fan of World of Tanks? Great! Do not miss the offer on the awesome World of Tanks Bundle.

Not enough? There’s more! You can buy all the games at G2A.COM with 7% off with the special G2A Gift Cards. Also note that Razer gives a unique chance to get discount purchasing R. Naga & R. Kraken 7.1. Make sure not to miss those rad offers and visit now!


Here is just a sneak preview of this week’s hottest deals:

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GhostControl Inc. – 30% off
Ghost Control Inc. has everything to make it a classic; an awesome backdrop about capturing ghosts and turn-based combat, which is always great.
Desura’s Freedom Friday selection
Experorience the free friday games with Desura’s awesome pack. Freedom Friday kicks out Your weekend. Check awesome offers. Don’t miss Your chance.
Darksiders II – 90% off
Lite-RPG adventure – the creation of Vigil, offers not only an option to become the Death itself in new meaning and representation, but also a rewardingly deep system of combos that must be exploited with intelligence and precision.
Call of Duty Ghosts – 50% off
The new Infinity Ward team has created an entirely new storyline and engine that brings Call of Duty into the next generation. The Multiplayer for Call of Duty Ghosts will contain a number of new Game Modes, a new Perk system and a new Unlock system.
G2A Gift Cards — 7% off
Save even more with G2A Gift Cards when catching awesome deals. Choose from hundreds of games, software and other digital goods. All within the reach of your hand.
Worms Armageddon – 66% off
Rediscover the cult classic game and grant hours of fun for you and your friends. One of the titles that never grows old.
Razer discount purchasing R. Naga & R. Kraken 7.1
Gear up with Razer taking advantage of this ubelieveble deal on thier finest mouse and headphones.
WoT Bundle– 30 days Prenium free
Its most popular game in the world. You have to start with premium the most realistic game about the Tanks.
Enhance your World of Tanks experience with the special bundle offering unique bonuses that’ll make your game better than ever.
Imperia Online – 200 diamonds
Find a village and raise an Empire. Train soldiers and lead your army to victory! Some things are just a matter of life-and-death, Imperia Online is more than that.
PixelJunk Franchise – Up to 56% off
Seria PixelJunk contains sprinkled with awards game from the genre “tower defense”, a dynamic shooter combined with simulation of the behavior of fluids in real time and artistic platformer filled gardens.
Race the Sun + Soundtrack – 40% off
Hurtle towards the sunset at breakneck speed in a futile race against time. Delay the inevitable by catching energy boosts which reverse the setting sun – if only for a moment.
EVE Online Starter Pack – 75% off + free ship
Make all your dreams about conquer of space with EVE Online. At start you have limited edition of spaceship called Aliastra Catalyst!
PayPal Gaming Sale: Fourth Week Offering Amazing Discounts

PayPal Gaming Sale: Fourth Week Offering Amazing Discounts