Don’t you wish you kept some of your hundreds of comics? Just one, or two of them. Reading this makes me feel very depressed because I had so many comics, some which would have been worth quite a bit Today. But… who would have known.

Below are the most valuable comics/most sought after comics in the world. I still believe some day somewhere I will find a relative that has a trunk in his basement with loads of comics worth Millions like these!

 The 10 Most expensive comic books ever:



Name: Amazing Fantasy, No. 15 Value: $280,000

The 15th issue of Amazing Fantasy is the 10th most expensive comic book ever. “Spider-Man debuted on the cover in August 1960, with the comic book series scheduled for cancellation, but sales proved to be one of Marvel’s highest at the time and The Amazing Spider-Man was quickly launched,” the Telegraph reports. 



Name: Flash Comics, No. 1 Value: $289,000

This comic series, which debuted in 1940, first introduced comic book fans to Flash and Hawkman, the Telegraph reports.



Name: More Fun Comics, No. 52 Value: $316,000

More Fun Comics was a short-lived venture, running from 1935 – 1947. The 52nd issue, pictured above, introduces readers to The Spectre, the Telegraph reports.



Name: Batman, No. 1 Value: $359,000

Although this popular superhero first came to life in the Detective Comics series, this 1940 book was the first comic named after Batman, and the first that included Robin, the Telegraph reports.



Name: Marvel Comics, No. 1 Value: $367,000

Marvel Comics, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, features characters such as Iron Man, X-Men, Wolverine, and many more. This was its first-ever issue, which fetched $367,000 at auction.



Name: Detective Comics, No. 1 Value: $405,000

This was the inaugural issue of the Detective Comics series, which began in 1937, and went on to feature both Superman and Batman. It was written in the “hard-boiled detective” genre, according to the Telegraph.



Name: All-American Comics, No. 16 Value: $430,000

This issue, All-American Comics’ 16th, features the first-ever appearance for Green Lantern.



Name: Superman, No. 1 Value: $671,000

Even though Action Comics debuted a Superman character, this is the first comic book dedicated to the superhero, the Telegraph reports.



Name: Detective Comics, No. 27 Value: $1,380,000

Batman made his debut in the 27th issue of this monthly series. The comic book sold for 10 cents when it hit the market in 1939. Seventy years later, the comic fetches $1.38 million. Nice return on investment!



Name: Action Comics, No. 1 Value: $1,500,000

This American comic book series – which first introduced Superman to the world – made its debut in April 1938.

“[Action Comics #1] is the Holy Grail of comic books,” Stephen Fishler, a leading expert on collectible comics and founder of, told “Before Action Comics #1, there was no such thing as a superhero or a man who could fly. Comics weren’t even that popular. It’s the single most important event in comic book history.”