China’s version of Twitter got an enormous boost with actor Wen Zhang’s apology message to his wife on Monday, March 31. Zhang apologized to his wife (and fellow actress) Ma Yili over his infidelity on the social network, with users reading and sharing his message more than 1 million times. The social network was flooded with 2.5 million comments, breaking Weibo records in the process. The record was set in 10 hours with many comments expressing anger towards Wen, who has more than 52 million followers.

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The message reads:

“I have brought this upon myself. A mistake is a mistake. This has nothing to do with anyone else,” Wen Zhang wrote, per The Hollywood Reporter. “Today, I am willing to accept all the consequences. I’ve let down Ma Yili and our children. My mistake does not deserve to be forgiven, and it will be difficult for me to make amends for all the harm I’ve caused. But I want to do it. I have to do it. This is what I’ll do for the rest of my life.”

The actor was made famous by his appearance in Stephen Chow’s 2013 movie “Journey to the West”,and  he was also seen in the Jet Li starrer “Badges of Fury”.