Gaming Geeks, strap in and pay attention! The PayPal gaming sale continues for a Third Week Offering Amazing Discounts.

Check out the PayPal Gaming Sale

Check out the PayPal Gaming Sale

Sale details:

The online payment giant is promising that spring is going to be all about gaming! Make sure not to miss their Spring Gaming Sale. It’s the first of a kind event when PayPal is using their capabilities to provide gamers with the best deals. Starting March 20 at 19:00 GMT on the PayPal Gaming Sale Page you’ll be able to find great offers on games and gaming related gear, equipment and accessories.

Each Thursday for eight following weeks, you can discover  special limited offers and deals that cannot be seen anywhere else. You can expect impressive offers from such well-known and respected brands as:  G2A.COM,  Spotify, Razer, Wargaming, Team 17 and more. Visit the site and buy games, giftcards and more digital products with amazing discounts. See you all at PayPal Spring Gaming Sale.


Here is just a sneak preview of this week’s hottest deals:

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Superfrog HD 66% off Twenty years on, Superfrog is back. Featuring tweaked gameplay, reworked levels and enhanced HD cartoon style artwork. A nod to the 16-bit platformers of old, Superfrog HD is a retro classic reborn.
World of Tanks Bundle (EU) Free TOG II tank Valid only for European region.  A special Premium Shop offer just for PayPal users. This package contains: Tog II; 1 slot in World of Tanks; 3000 Gold; 7 days of premium.
Imperia Online 200 Diamonds for free You will get for free: 200 Diamonds, 1 Silver & 3 Wooden Chests with resources. 70% more Diamonds on the first purchase with PayPal and 20% more Diamonds on every other purchase during the week.
Exclusive Loadout Shirt Only with Razer Comms Redeem your Loadout Razer Shirt with your Razer Comms ID
Lady Popular 20% off Lady Popular Fashion Arena is a fashion game for girls who are addicted to shopping, dream of becoming supermodels and love making new friends!
PixelJunk Franchise Up to 56% off This PixelJunk franchise brings you an award-winning Tower Defence game, an action-packed shooter with real-time fluid simulation and an artistic platformer filled with gardens for you to explore.
EVE Online Starter Pack 75% off + Free Ship Launch your dreams for galactic conquest with an EVE Online Starter Pack, including a complete set of beginner gear and 30 days of game time. For a limited time, also get a limited edition Aliastra Catalyst spaceship!
Race the Sun + Sountrack 40% off Get Race the Sun at 40% of plus the original soundtrack for free.
Project Zomboid 33% off Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die?
Dark Orbit Free unique spaceship Get a cool „Bigboy“ Battlecruiser with awesome extras – stronger lasers, better shields and a whopping full month of Premium membership – granting several exciting bonuses!
Steamworld Dig 25% off SteamWorld Dig is a platform mining adventure. Take the role of Rusty, a lone mining steambot, as he arrives at an old mining town in great need. Dig your way through the old earth to uncover the ancient threat that lurks below.
Don’t Starve Franchise Up to 76% off Enter the most complex, frightening and insane survival game ever created. Test your speed, strenght and creativity. Are you ready for the challenge?
Xbox Live Gold 1 month (EU+US+RU) 2,19 EUR Enjoy one month of Xbox Live Gold subscription to discover full potential of your Xbox console. Play online with your friends, upgrade your games and download all the cool stuff to personalize your dashboard.
South Park The Stick of Truth 55% off Become a fourth-grade hero and discover new epic quest brought to you by the creators of South Park series. Earn your place at the side of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny and discover the power of the Stick of Truth.
PayPal Gaming Sale: Third Week Offering Amazing Discounts

PayPal Gaming Sale: Third Week Offering Amazing Discounts