Camera Plus remains an extremely popular photo app. It’s been around since the beginning and they continue to impress with their ever evolving list of features, always staying one step ahead of Apple’s own camera app.

Their latest feature is another one that users will absolutely love, yet the way they marketed it is what upset us a bit. Welcome AirSnap. You can now take a photo with your phone, using another iOS device as the “remote”. This will without a doubt be greatly useful in group photos where there’s always one person missing from the photo, becuase he/she had to take the photo.

This is resolved with Camera Plus’ new AirSnap feature. Check the video below for more detail.

Unfortunately Camera Plus decided to ride the whole selfie wave and are they correct in saying that Airsnap will now be used to create the “perfect selfie”? The whole selfie craze needs to die, soon.

When you are done taking your photo, save a copy and share it directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Instagram. You can also send it through text, email, or AirDrop. If you want to keep your photos a secret from prying eyes, purchase the privacy feature to lock them down with a passcode. Just be sure to delete the originals from your photo app.