It is already dubbed as the game that will revolutionize the tablet gaming industry. Blizzard has once again managed to create a game that made the world beg for more. Not to mention that the best is yet to come when Blizzard will release the mobile version of the game, compatible on tablets. We are of course talking about HearthStone, and considering how utterly addictive this game is we can only imagine what will happen when Blizzard releases the mobile tablet version.

Now you can battle on the couch, in your bet, and during bathroom breaks! The question on everyone’s tongue is…when? When can we expect it?

Blizzard will be out in full force at PAX East convention talking Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, Diablo and of course, Hearthstone. Zeriyah posted a blog moments ago explaining that a mobile version of Hearthstone will be available at the gaming convention.

While we don’t have a date as to when the mobile version of the game will be available to everyone else, we can assume it will be after PAX East, which takes place from April 11th to April 13th.

So once again, be patient HearthStone fans, the time is near!

Dang, I need to get myself a new tablet for this!!