Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed that filming for ‘Terminator: Genesis’ will start in April while dishing on how excited he is about the new take on the cult classic movie franchise. In his most recent interview with during a press tour for his new movie “Sabotage“, the “Terminator” star revealed some details of what we can expect from the hotly anticipated reboot:

“Terminator is going to have the exact same feel.  The way it [Terminator: Genesis] reads, it has the same feel of Terminator 2.  It’s big.  There’s hardcore action and it has some really great visual effects in there, but not over the top.  It’s not a Thor type of movie, even though it’s the same director.  It has good special effects, but just enough to say, “Wow, where did that come from?  How did they do that?”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular character

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular character

Arnie also mentioned that he is thrilled to be part of the franchise after 30 years:

“I think that it’s just so wild to have a franchise that has been around for that long, and then after 30 years, to get asked again to be the only character in a movie that is the same character is unheard of, in movie history.  You always switch out, like with James Bond and Batman.  They have new characters there.  But, not here.  That, to me, is an extraordinary situation and a great opportunity.  Of course, I was honored when I was asked to come back and play the character with Sarah Connor.”

The former governor said that keeping fit is key to his success:

“It’s really unusual.  That’s never, ever happened, that I’m aware of, in the history of these kinds of things, where you can lead a franchise like that and be the star, at this age.  That just shows you that, if you have the attitude of a young person and you work like a young person and you keep your body in shape, and if you believe that you can do it, then you can actually make other people also believe that you can do it.”

‘Terminator: Genesis’ will be released on July 1, 2015.

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