Series geeks may have seen the group of “five underachievers” who own a crappy Irish bar in South Philadelphia called Paddy’s Pub. With their powers combined they become “The Gang”, a group so depraved and morally corrupt, you feel instantly better about yourself and any shameful family members you are trying to avoiding. It goes without saying that TV shows are a dime a dozen these days, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy one of the funnies TV shows ever made.

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It’s Seinfeld on Crack!

"The Gang"

“The Gang”

The tagline says it all. The Philadelphia Inquirer captured the TV show in one simple sentence and soon after went viral. FX adopted the quote due to its widespread use to describe the show. The self-centred characters are always conspiring against one another while hatching some elaborate scheme to benefit from each other’s failures. There is nothing to learn from the show, and no steady storyline to mark the start and end of the madness. The only thing fans can rely on is a broken moral compass that will lead the gang into situation with hilarious and often shocking results.


Frank (Danny DeVito) and Charlie (Charlie Day) Are The Best (or worst) Roommates

Frank and Charlie

Frank and Charlie

Frank and Charlie are the craziest duo you have ever seen. The unspeakable things that occupy them are hilarious and never seen before on television. They enjoy an occasional scavenger hunt for random crap in the sewers and junk yards. The guys also frequent the local hangout under the bridge where they find washed up jeans which they boil in a huge pot? The roommates even share the same fold out couch bed every night which someone pooped in. There is also a very confusing game of “night crawlers” which they play that involves them crawling around their apartment at night like worms. The list continues geeks, they are awesome! Did I mention Frank is the “father” of twins, Dee and Dennis?


The Worst Twins You Will Ever Meet – Dee and Dennis –

Dee and Dennis

Dee and Dennis

Dee “Sweet Dee” (Kaitlin Olson), also known as “the Aluminum Monster” due to wearing a back brace in high school, is the twin sister of Dennis. She is an aspiring actress with no talent and suffers from crippling stage fright. She is the only female member of the gang and waitress at Paddy’s. She often plays devil’s advocate in an attempt to debunk gang arguments and schemes. She’s ignored almost every time when there is an argument, but she is equally as devious and cunning to eventually force things to swing her way. Don’t expect Dee to be involved in a love story with Charlie and Mac any time soon, “Sunny” is more in to stalking, kidnapping, robbery, extortion and blackmail to name a few things!

Dennis (Glenn Howerton) is the most self-centred and sociopathic member of the gang. He is a narcissistic self-proclaimed Psychologist who believes that his patented D.E.N.N.I.S. system for seducing woman is fool-proof while he tapes his sexual encounters to keep track. Expect Dennis to take the lead while Mac (Rob McElhenney) tries to convince Dennis that he is in charge. Don’t expect any affection between the two siblings as they navigate their own plans to get what they want at any cost.


Everybody Hates Ronald “Mac” McDonald

Ronald "Mac" McDonald

Ronald “Mac” McDonald

Mac, Charlie and Dennis are co-owners of paddy’s, with Frank as the owner. The three of them often fight about who are the best of friends but their behavior toward each suggest otherwise, while Frank hangs around to be part of the action. Expect Mac to claim that he is the “Sheriff of Paddy’s” while displaying his “mad fighting skills” and flaunt his “buff body”. His competitive nature is overbearing to a point where it annoys everyone. He often physically harms Dee by accident or while competing in something. He is easily flattered and had an ongoing relationship with a pre-op transsexual named Carmen. Poor Mac is so easily manipulated with a few charming words about his extraordinary physique and combat skills. He is the boss in his own world, even if no one else acknowledges it!


The Supporting Cast is Equally as Deranged and Morally Bankrupt as “The Gang”

The McPoyles

The McPoyles

There are a number of characters that keep things interesting while “the gang” uses and abuses them for their benefit. The Waitress is Charlie’s favourite obsession and often stalks her with the hopes of getting laid. She had one night stands with Frank in Dennis in very unforeseen circumstances. The young alcoholic girl has a very unhealthy crush on Dennis, and is always referred to as the waitress even though she went to school with “the gang”.

The McPoyles are a creepy bunch with hideous features that include bad skin and unibrows. It is often suggested that they are a “very close” family which makes you wonder about their incestuous nature, until you watch the episode where one of the brothers makes out with his sister. The sexual undertones also include Liam’s sexual attraction to Dennis. Brothers Ryan and Liam went to elementary school with Charlie and Mac; they also have a mute sister Margaret. For some inexplicable reason they all have a weird milk fetish. They hate “the gang”, especially Charlie for debunking their get rich schemed through a false molestation lawsuit against one of their old school teachers. The supporting cast also include “Rickety Cricket”, Carmen (the tranny), Artemis and Frank’s wife Barbara Reynolds to name a few.


The Show’s Stars Write, Produce and Direct the Series

"The Gang"

“The Gang”

This is one of the main reasons why this series is such a huge success! The show is written, developed and produced by friends Rob McElhenney (Mac), Glenn Howerton (Dennis), and Charlie Day (Charlie). We have personally contemplated the possibility of launching our own show while ingesting two dozen beers over a couple of laughs. This group of real life friends actually pulled it off with great success and the hits keep on coming. Another interesting fact is that Mary Elizabeth Eliis (The Waitress) is married to Charlie Day and Kaitlin Olson (Dee) is the real life wife of Rob (Mac). The friendships, pooled with the amazing onscreen unity of the group really contribute to the quality of the show.


It’s a Satire Super Show!

"The Gang"

“The Gang”

“Sunny” always finds a way of using humor to show that someone or something is foolish while exploiting weaknesses or bad qualities of absolutely everything! Name it, “the gang “ has taken on almost every controversial topic with the least political correctness I have ever seen. The government, Jihad, hookers, molestation, transsexuals, abortions, and..and..and the list continues with no stop in sight. Fans of South Park will appreciate the clever use of satire while boldly pushing the limits to bring us one of the funniest shows that will literally leave you crying with laughter.


Each Episode is a Laugh a Minute and the 10th Seasons is on the Way


As I mentioned geeks, “Sunny” will literally leave you crying with laughter! “The gang” has a unique way of getting themselves into the most hilarious situations which almost always ends with someone getting hurt or something getting smashed or broken. Here are some of the titles for of the episodes I have watched so far: “Charlie Got Molested”, “Underage Drinking: A National Concern”, “Charlie Wants an Abortion”, “The Gang Gets Racist”, “Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom”, “Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender”, “Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life”, “The ANTI-Social Network”. Season 10 is on the way, so for those of you who haven’t watched the show have some catching up to do.


Paddy’s Bar!


Have you ever dreamt of opening your own bar with two of your best friends? Have you ever imagined sitting around all day discussing sophisticated interests while getting loaded? Be like the “the gang”, you could even buy a gun and pop of a few rounds or play a homemade board-game designed to humiliate each other while getting completely smashed. The marketing strategy for the watering hole might also include the sale of diluted alcohol to under aged kids with the possibility of being invited to the prom. Alternatively you could rob your own bar and manage it so poorly that it’s voted one of the worst bars in the district.


Hilarious Inside Jokes Keeps it Interesting


I mentioned earlier that Dee is always harmed by Mac for one reason or the other. The running jokes also include everyone cutting her off while she is making a valid point, and every single car she owned so far has been totalled by “the gang”. Charlie’s illiteracy is alarming and he is always called to clean up the most discussing messes at the bar. He is responsible for cleaning the toilets or any disgusting incidents inside the bar that includes cleaning cubicles where people died. He is often seen with a spiked bat to take care of rat problems while the gang refuse to assist with any physical duties, it’s simply referred to as “Charlie Work”.

The alcoholic waitress will always be drawn in to get drunk if alcohol is in close reach and Mac is easily flattered and manipulated to do outrageous things. Frank is trigger happy and always talks about being in “Nam”. He travelled to Vietnam in 1993 to open up a sweatshop and often confuses his experiences with the life of John Rambo. The list goes on and on geeks!