NBC is almost ready to start production of their new series Constantine, which is based on the popular comic book. According to the series writer and producer, David Goyer (Batman Begins, Man of Steel), production on the series starts this week. He also stated that the adaptation is going to follow the comic book more than the movie did and reveals a few other cool things that fans will be happy to hear.

In an interview with I am Rogue (Video below) David confirmed the following:

“We only have four series regulars but we’ve cast them all now. I’m proud to say that Constantine is actually being played by a British guy. Matt Ryan and he is going to have blond hair.”

John Constantine is a notorious chain smoker, and when asked if he would partake in his old habits on the series, David replied:

“That’s a tricky one on network TV. We’re negotiating right now. He will have his signature trench coat and skinny tie. I would say that the show clings more closely to the source material than the film did. Even though the film was interesting.”

David then revealed that the series would be more in line with the Hellblazer version of the character, and that there are plans of bringing in more DC comics characters into the series if the network picks it up.

“Quite a few other characters from the comic books and possibly from the DC universe, should we move forward, will be showing up…..I think we would try to bring in some of the other occult figures.”

The series stars Matt Ryan as Constantine, Lucy Griffiths as Liv, Harold Perrineau as the angel Manny and Charles Halford as Constantine’s friend Chas. The pilot is set to be directed by The Descent and Game of Thronesdirector Neil Marshall. I think we can expect to see some awesomeness from this series.

Here’s more information on the main character, John Constantine:

“John Constantine is an occult detective and professional sorcerer from Liverpool, England. His gritty and brutal attitude makes him recognizable as a cynical, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking anti-hero. Because of his former status as a Vertigo Universe character, he appeared exclusively in his own series Hellblazer for many years during which he aged in real time. He has been a member of Justice League Dark, the Newcastle Crew and the Trenchcoat Brigade. In addition, he has also acted as a supernatural advisor and ally to the Swamp Thing. John Constantine was created by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Totleben, first appearing in Saga of the Swamp Thing #37. (1985)”