There is a lot happening in the world of TV shows recently and we’re finding ourselves with not enough time to catch-up with all the great shows currently on TV. If you think there’s nothing good on TV at the moment then this post will convince you otherwise. Especially if your taste is anything like ours, loving anything Sci-Fi, Horror, Supernatural or simply Geeky.

It happens so often that we start watching a show and we stop after the show completely drops the plot and bores us to death with the new season or the season after that. Yet, every now and then something very rare happens. The new season is actually good! Perhaps even better than the first season or the season that sucked. We’ve picked up on 5 shows that are worth revisiting…

5 TV Shows Worth Watching Again


1. The Following


We know we know, season 1 was probably one of the most frustrating shows to watch, with the yo-yo ride of poor Kevin Bacon trying to stay one step ahead of the killer cult. But, season 2 is holding nothing back, and with Kevin Bacon going rogue killing like a mad machine we are actually enjoying this show. If you watched season 1 and felt the same frustration as us, yet also enjoyed the premise, then season 2 will be worth it.

Season two must hold a record for the amount of people being killed. And we don’t care what the critics are saying. We love Kevin Bacon, and The Following season 2 is worth it.


2. The Big Bang Theory


Even though the show is a shadow of what it was in the first three seasons (See Angry Nerd rip The Big Bang theory to bits here), we still have an enjoyable geek-fest. Plus the episodes are only 22 minutes long, so you don’t have to worry about being bored for 44 minutes.


3. Arrow

We’re feeling pretty indecisive about Arrow. With a good and bad season 1, season 2 started with a bang and lots of promises of additional superheroes. The ticks were all in place for a great season 2. Yet, we find ourselves frustrated after every episode. With an ongoing plot that seems as boring as season 1, we are left with being entertained by a new villain or the promise of a new hero. DC is trying to do with Arrow, the same as Marvel is trying to do with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Yet, popping in great superheroes every third episode is not enough to make a bad season good. Yet, in spite of all of this, season two is better than season 1.

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4. Hannibal

hannibal jack fight

Personally we absolutely loved Hannibal season 1. If you’ve been following us here then you would know this. But sadly the show lost most of its viewers along the way somewhere in season 1. Hence Hannibal is known as ‘The best show nobody has seen’. We cannot emphasize how great this show is, and if the first episode of season 2 is anything to go by, then we are in for one hell of a ride!

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5. Vikings

Season 2 just aired, and it looks like the show went back to what made it such a great success. Season 1 blew us away in the beginning with epic Viking fights, tales of treasure and warfare, but again somewhere down the line it lost the plot with weddings, weird ceremonies and Viking Warriors getting high.

The first episode of season two gave us what we’ve been missing, battles and blood! The season promises to give us plenty of travels to England, battles with the English and betrayal. Vikings season two is definitely worth watching.

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