Walking Dead 2

We absolutely love the latest episode of The Walking Dead. We keep wondering how this show can get better and yet they seem to do it episode after episode. The latest episode “Still” was a lot like last season’s stand-out episode “Clear,” in that it’s about focusing on just a few characters. It was about learning more of Daryl’s life.

But most of all, it was about Beth’s need to have a goddamn drink.

The episode focusses on Daryl and Beth and how they barely escape a horde of Zombies, finally making their way to a golf shop, and eventually a hidden stash of moonshine that Beth uses to drink, because that was her mission the entire episode, trying to avoid how crappy life is, and to do the one thing here father always forbid here from doing. Drinking.

After the two of them get a little tipsy Darryl (who is without a doubt one of the coolest characters of the show) opens up as well and we get out first glimpse into his life prior to the zombie break-out.

Walking Dead

A few things we picked up throughout the episode, [Spoilers ahead]

  1. What was going on in the golf pro shop? Did someone hang zombies there to help hide, kind of like Michonne does with her pets?
  2. And is the person who hung the sign on the lady titled “RICH BITCH” the same one who left similar signs on victims from last season? Is this person going to be a major character? It’s freaky.
  3. Beth trying to find a glass with blood in it to drink the schnapps is a small but powerful moment, too.
  4. Daryl’s story about nearly getting killed by a tweaker because he insulted a cartoon with a talking dog in it was perfect. Everything you needed to know about Daryl’s pre-apocalypse elite was summed up there.
  5. “I’m a dick when I’m drunk.” Yes you are, Daryl, and we love you anyways.
  6. Beth understands why Herschel banned booze from the house, because being drunk is awesome and she would do it all the time. Preach on, sister.
  7. Beth tells Daryl he’s going to be the “last man standing” after she and everyone else are dead.