3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell was charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication after he was involved in a car accident which killed Paul Howard Shoulders Jr. in 2013. Criminal Court Judge Mark Fishburn placed Harrell under house arrest until his trial, since he was initially set free on a $100,000 bond.  The musician was arrested again in mid-February for DUI which sparked concerns with prosecutors and 3 Doors Down band members.

Todd Harrell (Image courtesy of Marc Nader)

Todd Harrell (Image courtesy of Marc Nader)

Judge Fishburn was urged by prosecutors to take action and to revoke his bond on Friday, February 28. Assistant District Attorney General Rebecca Valiquette said:

“He’s already killed somebody. The only thing that’s going to keep the community safe is to put him in jail where he belongs,”

3 Doors Down released a statement in which they said the bass player would be suspended indefinitely from the group.

“We take this action to protect the image and integrity of the band and to encourage Todd to address and resolve his problems,”

Harrell was ordered to find a house to live in Davidson County where he will not be allowed to leave the premises except for legal appointments. Fishburn gave Harrell one hour to find a place to stay in Nashville until trial or be sent to jail.

Nicholas Kiefer of the Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office said:

“He will be on house arrest 24-7 except to meet with his attorney or other approved trips,”

“He has to reside in Davidson County and have electronic monitoring.”

A trial date has not been set. The case is set for a discussion hearing April 25.

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