Marvel Studios is usually courted to bring their creations to TV or the big screen, but this time round the publishing company has their sights set on ABC’s ‘Revenge’ for a prequel story. The comic book giant announced that “Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne” that is based on the Emily VanCamp-starring series, will receive the graphic novel treatment.

Revenge series writer Ted Sullivan said Emily’s charahter is perfect for a Marvel graphic Novel:

“She has a secret identity. She poses as a rich socialite who exacts revenge for a childhood tragedy. Even her famous dark ‘hoodie’ is a type of superhero costume,”

The 112-page graphic novel follows a 19 years old Amanda Clarke a.k.a Emily VanCamp on “her first mission of revenge,” as she infiltrates high society in Switzerland to uncover information about her past and deal with “a surprising enemy with ties to the same people who destroyed her life.” The graphic novel will focus on the origin story of Clark as she prepares herself under the watchful eye of Japanese sensei, Takeda.

Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorn" will be available on September 3

Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorn” will be available on September 3

Writer Erica Schultz says that the Emily we have come to know on ABC is “the sum of all the lessons learned and beatings taken in this graphic novel.”

She adds:

“This story takes us way back to before Emily had any experience in her ‘takedowns,’ ”

“She makes mistakes. She learns from some of them, but, as you’ll see, she has a hard time learning some lessons and fans of the show will be pleased to pick up on a few Easter Eggs hidden here and there.”

The graphic novel will be co-written by Erica Schultz and Revenge series writer Ted Sullivan. Art for the book comes from Vincenzo Balzano. “Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorn” will be available on September 3.