Tom Hardy is back in a drama/thriller titled “Locke”, as a man with a perfect life that sees it all unraveling in a tension-fueled, 90-minute race against time. Hardy portrays Ivan Locke, “on the road to success who must race to save his life from unraveling after he receives a mysterious phone call.”

Image courtesy of YouTube

Image courtesy of YouTube

Writer/director Steven Knight told Indiwire at the Göteborg International Film Festival earlier this month:

“I’d just finished the [Jason] Statham picture [‘Redemption’], which was very conventional. And the whole process just made me think to look again at the basics of what the job is: get a load of people into a room, turn off the lights and get them to watch a screen for 90 minutes, and how many other ways there are, without using all the tricks that normally go with a film,”

The film was screened at the 70th Venice International Film Festival last year. Hardy is supported by Tom Holland, Olivia Colman, Andrew Scott, and Ruth Wilson.

‘Locke’ is expected to hit theaters on April 25.