America’s favorite animated family will receive their very own Lego version episode set for May 4, titled “Brick Like Me”. This will also mark the 550th Episode for the Springfield family. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, due to the current success of “The Lego Movie” taking the box office by storm. “The Simpsons” is planning an episode inspired by the Lego toys, where Homer wakes up in a Springfield where everyone and everything is made out of Legos. It will be up to the father of three to “build his way out” before he gets stuck in Lego world forever.

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Throughout its 24-year run, "The Simpsons" has killed off seven characters

Throughout its 24-year run, “The Simpsons” has killed off seven characters

I’m sure that our readers may recall the article that a Simpsons Lego set is on the way. The series creators and the toy company is also planning to launch “The Simpsons” Lego set which has 2523 pieces. The set includes the whole Simpsons family and Ned Flanders. You can also mess with Flanders’ BBQ grill, Bart’s skateboard and ramp and many more wonderful things to bring your Springfield playtime to life.

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