The Weinstein Company is considering a ‘Knight Rider’ Remake with Chris Pratt and Danny McBride as the leads. Los Angeles Times (via Schmoes Know) reports that Brad Copeland (“Arrested Development”) is tapped to write a draft of the screenplay, conceived as a somewhat higher-budget production of the 80’s classic with a more action-oriented approach. Schmoes Know also mentioned that their go-to scoopster “The Phantom”  has dropped by to deliver some interesting news:

“Thought you’d be interested in knowing, Chris Pratt and Danny McBride are in talks for the KNIGHT RIDER remake at The Weinstein Company.”

This is a game changer considering the angle this movie could take with funny guys Pratt and McBride onboard. The last thing we really need is a ‘Knight Rider’ remake, but a comedy/action version will have most of us intrigued.

Chris Pratt and Danny McBride

Chris Pratt and Danny McBride

For those of you who grew up in the 80’s, I’m sure you will remember David Hasselhoff and his talking car, Kitt.  The cult classic series follows the adventures of Michael Knight and his AI high-tech crime fighter car. We are not exactly sure how the storyline will pan out for the remake, but it’s a safe bet to assume it will have a talking car and a driver. That’s the obvious take, but will we see McBride take on the voice role of the iconic crime fighting car and will Pratt be the driver? Only time will tell.

Does anyone remember the 2008 NBC spin-off series of the same name? Not to worry, it only ran for 17 episodes.