Part of Facebook’s 10 year anniversary celebrations  is the launch of a new ‘Look back’ feature that allows every user to compile a 1 minute personalized video containing the highlights, most shared and most liked content they’ve shared since the day they joined Facebook. This is a massive feat coming from Facebook, considering that they have billions of people who are going to compile, display and share their own videos.

The Verge has some background info on the new feature:

“A small team at Facebook spent the last few months crafting the videos and ensuring that the company had the necessary resources to render hundreds of millions of HD videos and send them out to users. Facebook has issued Year In Review compilations before, after all, but never in video form. Two groups within Facebook played a particularly important role: Everstore, the team in charge of media storage, and Moonshot, the team tasked with allocating idle server power to doing some heavy lifting whenever possible.”

If you want to see if your Look Back video is ready, sign in and visit Facebook.com/lookback.

It’s also worth checking out Zuckerberg’s post on Facebook’s 10th anniversary. He has a public page that we can all follow, but his private page is a mystery to most of us. His ‘look back’ gives us a glimpse into the life of the man who started Facebook. It’s been an amazing 10 years for Facebook. Have a look at this 10 year history of Facebook Infograph.