The “RoboCop” remake is one of the most anticipated releases in decades. Speaking on behalf of all my fellow geeks of course, many fans of the original movie are also rooting for the remake. The movie will be released on February 12, and in the meantime we can enjoy a featurette released yesterday to tide us over. If you are a tech geek that enjoys advanced human robotics and generally believe that Skynet might still launch the apocalypse, then don’t hesitate to check out the featurette. “RoboCop” stars Joel Kinnaman and Michael Keaton, along with director Jose Padilha discuss the future technology of “RoboCop” and how some of it is relative to real life.


Padilha explains:

“The premise of ‘RoboCop’ embodies all of the questions that have to do with machines taking over,”

Kinnaman chimes in:

“It’s not some crazy futuristic vision.”

Kinnaman portrays Alex Murphy aka RocoCop. OmniCorp places Murphy inside a machine to transform him into the ultimate robot Frankenstein. They attempt to create “a product with a conscience. Something that knows what it feels like to be human.” The all-star cast includes Gary Oldman who takes the lead as OmniCorp’s scientist, Michael Keaton takes the seat as the company’s CEO, Samuel L. Jackson portrays OmniCorp supporter Pat Novak and Abbie Cornish as Alex’s wife. “Robocop” is scheduled to be released on February 12, 2014.