You’ve probably been asked the same question multiple times. If your house is on fire what are the key items you would take with you to save from the destruction of the fire? What valuables would you grab and run? Photo albums? Books? A pet or a loved one?

This is exactly the situation a man from Olathe, Kansas found himself in. The hero from Olathe woke up last Friday morning to find his home ablaze. He quickly ran outside to find safety from the inferno on his front lawn. Once outside, however, he heard the call. The man steadied himself and rushed back into his burning home, not to save a family member or a beloved pet, but to rescue his helpless Xbox video game console from certain death.

As is the case with all real heroes, we never learn the man’s name.

It is not known whether the console was a new Xbox One or an older Xbox 360 model, nor is it known if the man realized that his saved game data was probably backed up to the cloud. What’s important is that the Xbox escaped completely unharmed. Its owner had to be treated for smoke inhalation, but he also escaped serious injury.
Chances are we would have done the same. Man Runs Into Burning House to Save Xbox: