CraveOnline sat down with Rose McGowan who is making her directorial debut with her short film, “Dawn”. The film is about a teenaged girl in the 1960s named Dawn, played by Sara Barr, whose crush on a seemingly nice boy and eagerness to adhere to social stereotypes of what a “good girlfriend” should be blinds her to some potentially life-altering red flags. McGowan launched her career at Sundance nineteen years ago with Gregg Araki’s “The Doom Generation”. The star of “Grindhouse”, “Scream” and “Charmed” is proving to be more than just a pretty face, and now she is also adding directing to her already impressive resume. Since her short film has been greeted with acclaim, McGowan is looking forward to directing a feature-length film soon.

Rose McGowan on set

Rose McGowan on set

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