iPhone 6 Arthur Reis 2

If the rumours are true then Apple is reportedly working on two different size variants for their next iPhone. Ever since the release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c we’ve been hearing these rumours. If they are true then someone at Apple buckled under the pressure, seeing as Apple has been rigid in their willingness to move to the bigger iPhone screen size for quite some time now.

The latest rumour comes from from Sina Weibo (via iClarified):

“A report coming in from China cites multiple Foxconn insiders who have apparently revealed that Apple is going to release a 4.7 inch and a 5.7 inch iPhone later this year. Both iPhones will reportedly come with fingerprint scanners as well.”

And here’s the original report from Reuters for added context:

“Apple is looking at introducing at least two bigger iPhones next year – one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.7-inch screen – said the sources, including those in the supply chain in Asia. They said suppliers have been approached with plans for the larger screens, but noted it is still unclear whether Apple will actually launch its flagship product in the larger sizes.”

Of course, this is all speculation at this point, and this is just one of the many rumors floating around about Apple’s product plans for 2014. But if they are true then we can be expect a Bigger iPhone 6 in 2014. Apple is also expected to release a larger 12-inch iPad this year, as well as a smartwatch or wearable.

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