Pebble Smartwatch App Store coming 2014

Pebble Smartwatch App Store coming 2014

The first, and probably the best Smartphone on the market the Pebble Smartwatch will be getting it’s own App Store in early 2014. Pebble made the announcement on their blog Yesterday where they also outlined how we, and developers can use the store.

The Pebble appstore will launch alongside Pebble 2.0, which is currently in beta. Pebble 2.0 adds tons of new features for developers, most notably the ability for apps and watchfaces to pull in data from other sources across the web without necessarily needing a separate companion app running on the phone. The enhanced notificatioon system comes with complete iOS7 compatibility as well.

At this time, the Pebble appstore won’t support paid apps but because developers can link out to their paid iOS or Android apps, that should mitigate most issues. Pebble also says that third-party directories such as will continue to work for Pebble 2.0, and that it will not prevent or block installations from those types of sites.

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