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Fox In Talks To Pick Up Rights To Mark Millar’s New Comic Book ‘Starlight’


Simon Kinberg (“X-Men”) is on board to produce the upcoming film adaptation of a comic book written by “Kick-Ass” creator Mark Millar. The Hollywood Reports says that “Starlight” (due to be published by Image in March 2014) is described by Millar as “Flash Gordon meets The Dark KnightReturns”. The comic book follows the story of space hero Duke McQueen who is forced to come out of his retirement and save the universe for one last adventure.

Space hero Duke McQueen

Space hero Duke McQueen

The news is announced short on the heels of Kinberg’s new deal with Fox to expand the “X-Men” universe. Mark Millar has become a pioneer in the comic book biz, the film is announced before the launch of the comic book which indicates the trust placed in Millar’s judgment. The comic book series illustrated by Goran Parlov has not received a release date yet.

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