Pantelion Films and Lionsgate will push forward to release Paul Walker’s final finished film “Hours” on December 13. Walker passed away on Saturday after the Porsche he was riding in struck a light pole in Valencia, California. Both companies made the decision after a meeting held on Sunday.

Pantelion’s CEO Paul Presburger told The Hollywood Reporter:

“After lots of back and forth, this is our decision. It’s Paul’s tour de force. He’s in every frame of the movie,”

"Hours" poster

“Hours” poster

Producer Peter Safran said:

“Paul would have very much wanted us to move forward. He was incredibly proud of this project. We did a press junket two weeks ago, and I remember sitting with him and how excited he was for people to see this movie.”

“He really looked to this movie to show people that he is an actor,”

“He was looking for something to showcase his acting skills, which he so rarely had the chance to do. He hit it out of the park.”

Set during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and follows a father’s desperate attempt to keep his newborn daughter alive in the wake of the storm’s destruction.

Have a look at the trailer for Hours