Action movie veteran Jean-Claude Van Damme can be seen in action in the adventure comedy “Welcome to the Jungle”. “The muscles from Brussels” portrays a crazy ex-marine named Storm, who is responsible for a team building leadership retreat at a deserted Island. Eventually the group discovers that the pilot is dead and they are stranded. The games begin as everyone tries to survive while some scatter around to find food and shelter whilst others fornicate and relax. Everyone’s skill to survive gets tested when Storm is taken down by a tiger and office bully Phil declares himself King. Office nerd Chris wants to save the day, but he needs to get past Phil in order to be hailed as the hero.

"Welcome to the Jungle" poster

“Welcome to the Jungle” poster – Image courtesy of

The quirky comedy stars Adam Brody (Chris) and Rob Huebel (Phil). The film is also supported by Megan Boone and Kristen Schaal. ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is expected to be released in 2014.

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