MTV’s “Teen Wolf” has released a new teaser for season 3. The clip titled “Lose Your Mind”, features Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles struggling with his mental state. “Teen Wolf” is one of the few teenage “popcorn” series out there which serves the purpose of something fun to watch on MTV. The show is taking things up a notch with a creepy preview of things to come. The scenes are set to eerie music and a voice over of a little girl saying:

“Life is but a dream.”

"Teen Wolf" cast

“Teen Wolf” cast

Executive producer Jeff Davis revealed in an interview with that the three title character are in for a difficult time in season 3:

“We deal with what it means for all three of them in their lives, their relationships and their futures. I can say we definitely come back into the story with our characters deeply affected.”

The second part of “Teen Wolf” season 3 will premiere Monday, January 6 on MTV

Check out the teaser