Who would have thought, Bob Dylan released the official music video for his smash hit ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ 50 years after it was first released. The music video is an interactive artistic piece of brilliance. The revolutionary new music video takes the form of a completely interactive TV set. It’s interactive because you can change the channel and the volume, and revolutionary because whatever channel you flick to, everyone on the TV is mouthing the lyrics to Dylan’s classic song. In all, there are 16 equally mesmerizing channels to choose from, from sports to cooking to world news to children’s cartoons to reality shows; some of the channels are simulations of shows currently on cable.

Why Bob decided to release the video now is unclear, but if you finish watching to the end you can order Dylan music and box sets for some of his most impressive material. This is via the official Bod Dylan Website.

[Bob Dylan releases music video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone’: Source]