Mark Wahlberg will be teaming up with brothers Paul and Donnie Wahlberg to star in A&E’s reality show “Wahlburgers”. Mark and Donnie will assist Paul, an executive chef, to make their family-owned restaurant a success. The guys will set up shop in their hometown of Hingham, Massachusetts to manage and open their restaurant, also called “Wahlburgers”. Short on the heels of their first opening, Mark and company will branch out in Toronto, Canada in 2014.

Paul, Mark and Donnie Wahlburg

Paul, Mark and Donnie Wahlburg

Executive Vice President and General Manager of A&E Network David McKillop said:

“We’re thrilled to partner with the entire Wahlberg family as they graciously lift the curtain to share this new side of their story,”

“This series offers viewers a new take on the celebrity reality series showcasing one of America’s favorite families.”

“Wahlburgers” is set to premiere January 22, 2014.