Up and coming rapper Kid Ink, caught the attention of Chris Brown who helmed the music video and is also a guest star.  The clip is set is in a packed house party with people enjoying themselves and Chris doing his usual song and dance impressing the ladies.

Stalk much Chris?

Stalk much Chris?

‘Show Me’ is also the lead single on Ink’s new album. In an interview with TheBoomBox.com, the young rapper revealed  how he got the opportunity to collaborate with Brown:

“I know before he had the record that it had a lot of single potential, but it just wasn’t where it needed to be. When we linked up with Chris Brown, we played him the record and he kind of understood that. He put that extra… what the record needed to come to life. We knew that was the one even though we recorded three or four other songs that night. It wasn’t really about having Chris Brown on it; it was more so the one with Chris Brown on it. It sounded amazing compared to the other records.”

“Show Me” is taken of Ink’s second studio album “My Own Lane” which is scheduled for a January 2014 release.

Check out the video: