Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard announced their MOBA called ‘Heroes of the Storm’ at BlizzCon last week showing the awesome cinematic trailer, and we are absolutely blown away from what we’ve heard and seen regarding this game. Today we received our first look at some actual Heroes of the Storm Gameplay, and although it may be very similar to DOTA, it does have the classic Blizzard feel to it. I can imagine Valve must be worried watching this gameplay video.

‘Heroes of the Storm’ will be Blizzards official “remake” of it’s insanely popular DOTA (Defence of the Ancients) game. The remake/sequel was originally called “Defence of the Ancients : All Stars”. The original “Defence of the Ancients: All-Stars” was a mod for WarCraft III, with Half-Life maker Valve now behind its sequel, Dota 2. Blizzard renamed DOTA in 2011, after settling a legal dispute with Valve over the rights to the DOTA trademark.

Some additional information was revealed as well:

  • Heroes from all Blizzard franchises will battle it out in varied battlegrounds
  • Games last around 20 minutes
  • Heroes will have different skins, from new colors to entirely different models
  • Instead of Heroes leveling the entire team gains levels. Same goes for gold collecting
  • There are mounts in the game, unique for each character
  • Heroic Abilities are gained at level 10 and you have a choice of 2 to make your character more interesting


Read more on the available heroes here, or head to the official Wiki site for Heroes of the Storm. Screenshots via the Official Heroes of the Storm Wiki:

Heroes of the Storm Screenshot 1 

Heroes of the Storm Screenshot 8 
Heroes of the Storm Screenshot 7 
Heroes of the Storm Screenshot 6 
Heroes of the Storm Screenshot 5 
Heroes of the Storm Screenshot 4 
Heroes of the Storm Screenshot 3 
Heroes of the Storm Screenshot 2