As far as the clever people of this planet are concerned, chimpanzees split from the human branch of the family about four to six million years ago. Human fascination with chimps has increasingly grown to understand the species, spending millions to unlock the key to their beautiful minds. Perhaps we should focus on our own kind for now and start with general human behavior before we move on to our close relatives.


We can start by analyzing this video clip which is as entertaining as leaving a chimp a room filled with mirrors. Unfortunately some of the participating individuals seem to mimic similar behavior. Fascinating isn’t it? Check out what happens when people mistake a video cam for a normal camera. The unknowing people posing in the foreground remain stationary, keeping their faces still as if they are posing for a photo or a selfie. Good thing they didn’t have this thing around on the odd evening out with my friends, the could have made a documentary on our footage alone.

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