reports that Mark Wahlberg and partner Stephen Levinson is making a Julius Caesar origin movie called “The Roman” in the vein of “Batman Begins”. The “Ted” star has signed on as a producer for the project that will explore the origin story of the Roman dictator before he became one of the most memorable figures in Greek history.

Mark Wahlberg and partner Stephen Levinson will produce "The Roman"

Mark Wahlberg and partner Stephen Levinson will produce “The Roman”

The film will explore Caesar’s journey as a young general in the Roman army, from the time he was capture and his daring escape from Cilician pirates. The story will follow him back to Rome as he climbed his way up the political ladder to eventually become one of the most influential dictators in history.

Travis Baker and Richard Tanne penned the script. Wahlberg and Levinson’s next step is find a director before they head out to the studios. Wahlberg can be seen next in “Transformers: Age of Extinction” to be released next year and he is also producing the “Entourage” movie.