MGMT’s “Alien Days” was premiered on March 30, 2012 at the Festival Estereo Picnic in Bogota, Colombia. Speaking to, frontman Andrew VanWyngarden described the song as the feeling when “a parasitic alien is in your head, controlling things.” The bizarre music video for their single may lead you to believe that an actual alien is moving around inside your skull if you watch the video on repeat. It is entertaining and weird, featuring goats and aliens giving birth to edible objects.

Screen capture: Mmmmm...caviar...wait, what?

Screen capture: Mmmmm…caviar…wait, what?

If you enjoy the song and feel the need to include this album in your collection, “Alien Days” features on MGMT’s self-titled newest album which peaked at No. 14 on Billboard 200 after being released back in September. If are a fan of the band already or you are curios to check them out, they will be embarking on a national tour soon that begins on November 10 in Austin, Texas.