The werewolf, pale moon creature of the night, the demon-haunted soul from evening to dawn. Deadly tortured soul with cries of agony. We’ve seen quite a few werewolf transformations in movies, directors have been at it for decades, each one bringing his own interpretation of what a werewolf transformation looks like to film. These days with CGI it has become so much easier to depict the tearing flesh, the growing cracking spine, the twisting hands and deadly teeth.

We take a look at our top 10 werewolf transformations. Scenes from movies where we can simply sit and go “Wow!”. In no particular order:

1. Hemlock Grove (2012)

The Hemlock Grove series may not have received the praise it deserves, and it is our most recent addition to the list. We struggled to get through some of the episodes, but it did deliver one piece of absolute brilliance with this fantastic werewolf transformation:

Hemlock Grove Werewolf Transformation 



2. Silver Bullet (1985)

Quite an old one, but still one of the best we’ve seen, especially for that time. The fact that it’s a reverend and that he uses a baseball bat to kill the sheriff adds a bit of comedy to it.



3. Van Helsing (2004)

Pity the transformation is over so quickly, but seeing Hugh Jackman turn into a werewolf that looks like this is pretty cool. Plus, if a werewolf scares the crap out of Count Dracula then you know its badass.




4. Wolfman (2010)

We were super excited to see Benicio del Toro as the remake of the classic Wolfman.Unfortunately the entire movie didn’t fare too well but they did have this cool transformation scene in the movie.

(The only clip we could find was in Italian, but you’ll still see the awesome transformation)

Wolfman 2010



5. The Howling (1985)

This clip is awesome purely because the director took his time with this transformation. The pulsating flesh, the blood, and slow growing bones makes this a chilling transformation.



6. American Werewolf in London (1981)

A classic film that gave us one of the most painful werewolf transformations ever. It takes a while but you can imagine the pain that goes into this transformation. It starts with a sudden headache. The background song is kinda groovy.

American werewolf in london



7. The Company of Wolves (1984)

Apart from Hemlock Grove, this is the most gruesome one we’ve seen, so prepare yourself. There’s some pretty intense tearing of flesh. Pity he dies right after the transformation.


8. Wolfman (1941)

The original, the first. If it wasn’t for this movie where would we be with werewolf transformations? Back in 1941 this was done pretty well. We pay homage to the original Werewolf transformation:


9. Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

Not only one of the most popular songs ever, but also one of the most popular music videos ever. He may turn into a zombie later, but this transformation is priceless.


10. Bad Moon (1996)

Another great transformation that takes its time. For some reason they wanted to include a lengthy conversation between the movie’s main character Ted and his sister while his transformation slowly began.

There were plenty of transformations that we left out that we felt could have gone on this list, but selecting only 10 meant we had to narrow it down. Let us know in the comments if you feel we left out an awesome transformation.