has the scoop for us uncovering the secret project with Marvel and Ben Kingsley. The site claims that the “Ender’s Game” actor is working on a one-shot short movie with Marvel studios. According to Latino Review, the Marvel One Shot in the works will be centered on “the REAL Mandarin.”


“The real Mandarin wants to set the record straight”

The website reports:

“According to sources, Marvel wants to make [the Mandarin reveal] up to fans so in the one shot, the REAL Mandarin is furious with Aldrich Killian and Ben Kingsley’s character Trevor Slattery for the mockery they made of the real Mandarin’s identity and legacy,” “The real Mandarin wants to set the record straight.”

Just a bit of background, in “Iron Man 3”, Kingsley portrayed British actor Trevor Slattery who was hired to play the Mandarin, a terrorist persona made up by Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce).

Well there you have it! Mandarin fans are in for a treat as we finally get to see the “REAL Mandarin” in action hopefully soon.