The new 16th century drama series “Reign” proves to be a bit too saucy for CW as the network decided to cut some of the scenes before the launch of the pilot episode. Entertainment Weekly reports that the controversial scene involves the King of France portrayed by Alan van Sprang “receiving a favor” from a “handmaiden “of the Queen of Scotland portrayed by Adelaide Kane. The scene was not done away with in the pilot; instead we will see suggestive shots.

"Reign" poster

“Reign” poster

The raunchy scene stems from a “bedding ceremony” between a newly-wed couple while they are being spied on by the teen queen and her ladies. The peeping-toms eventually go their separate ways around the castle with one of them taking route to a secluded stairwell where she is met by the king.

One would expect people to be more taken aback with the “bedding ceremony” which was customary back in the olden days. Luckily we don’t live in the medieval European times; I can’t imagine my father-in-law giving me tips after the honeymoon role in hay.

The controversial pilot aired on Thursday, October 17.