hands-like-houses-unimagineAustralian rockers Hands Like Houses is back with “Unimagine”, their second album short on the heels of their first studio album released last year. The guys signed with Rise Records before the release of their debut album “Ground Dweller” and they haven’t looked back since. “Unimagine” provides a wide spectrum of  post-hardcore electronica melodies, and in a way pays homage to their debut album. That being said, “Unimagine” has an edge and stands out from their predecessors. The production value is top-notch which solidifies their efforts as a band to be reckoned with.

The album kicks off with “Developments”, the song starts with smooth and easy piano notes followed by an energetic guitar and drum ensemble. The explosive track encapsulates the mood set for the album and in that, serves as the best opener for “Unimagine”.

Featuring second on the album is “Introduced Species”, the song serves as the band’s first single. The same energy from the opening track is carried through with the addition of a “sing along” catchy chorus as you feel your blood rising with the sextet chanting “we don’t belong here!”

Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses

“Shapeshifters“ jumps right in guns blazing, drums pounding and guitars blasting as “Houses” reminds us, “We will be unbreakable”. “The House You Built” takes a page from Fall Out Boy with an intro all too familiar with the mainstream rock band. The difference here is the energy packed approach and aggressive line taken as the song progresses. Think of Fall Out Boy on steroids when you listen to this track.

Trenton Woodley

Trenton Woodley

“A Tale Of Outer Suburbia” heats down to a slow boiling point filled with many small nuances and piercing lyrics. The track opens with “Pry the darkness from my eyes. Divided, let the light seep in. Trees devoid of branches and hollow hives.” Just brilliant, even emotional at times but striking!

Highlight tracks: Where to begin, all of them really!


It is no secret that the Aussie sextet is a talented bunch; Hands Like Houses is a group of musicians to keep an eye on. The Simplicity of “Unimagine” draws you in with occasional piano and electronic sounds, blended with the familiar hard edges and explosive energy we have grown accustomed to. Going down the track list from the hard hitting “Shapeshifters“ to the radio ready “No Parallels,” the album has something to offer everyone who listens to “good music”.

The lack of experimentation may be one aspect that needs attention, however why fix something that’s not broken. Fans of “Ground Dweller” will not be disappointed with “Unimagine”, hopefully we can look forward to many years of Hands Like Houses producing quality albums.



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Track list:

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No. Title Length
1 “Developments” (Unseen) 03:39
2 “Introduced Species” (Unwinding) 04:04
3 “Weight” (Undone) 03:45
4 “Shapeshifters” (Unbreakable) 03:04
5 “The House You Built” (Untouched) 03:13
6 “A Tale Of Outer Suburbia” (Unchained) 04:21
7 “Oceandust” (Unrest) 03:41
8 “No Parallels” (Unbridled) 03:37
9 “Fountainhead” (Unbound) 03:46
10 “Wisteria” (Unkept) 03:52
11 “A Fire On A Hill” (Uncovered) 04:59