Sandra Bullock should consider signing up with Roc-A-Fella Records if she continues to share her rapping skills on television. The stunning 49-year-old actress recently made a guest appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show”. Whilst promoting her new movie “Gravity”, she rapped a few lines from the Sugarhill Gang’s 1979 classic song called “Rapper’s Delight”.

Sandra Bullock promote "Gravity" on "The Jonathan Ross Show"

Sandra Bullock promote “Gravity” on “The Jonathan Ross Show”

Jonathan Ross put her on the spot and asked Bullock “could we have a little of the rap from you?” She effortlessly rapped off a couple of lines, but before she started she said “I need some beats. Gimme some beats, yo!”

She apparently learned the song to impress a guy she fancied back in high school, she explained:

“I was like, ‘Next time I go to that dance, I’m going to know every word. I’m going to make sure he sees me lip-syncing it, and I’m going to catch his eye, and say the words. And he’s going to like me,’ ” “And sadly it worked.”

She seems like lots fun, what a sport! The “Gravity” star also mentioned that she and co-star George Clooney practiced the song together during breaks at the set of their latest movie.