The clever folks over at gathered financial information to compile a list of TV’s Highest-Paid Actors. In total they have listed ten actors that reached the million milestone more than once. It may come as a surprise to see some of the names appearing on the list, however Forbes reassures us that they have spoken to all the right people and they have pulled the right resources to be as accurate as possible.

The estimated earnings are calculated from June 2012 till June 2013. Top of the list is Ashton Kutcher with a staggering $24 million. Even though the Steve Jobs biopic tanked at the box office with Kutcher attached as the star, the young actor still collects large royalties since he signed up with CBS’s hit TV show “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie Sheen’s departure from the very popular TV show has proven to be a fruitful venture for Kutcher to sign on as the replacement.  It is one of the most successful sitcoms in history which lost its star after a very successful run. “Two and a Half Men” is still one of the most watched TV sitcoms being aired today, proving that syndication is the golden key to success.

The sale of rights to broadcast television shows has paved the way for TV actors to become millionaires. Appearing on the list at no.3, Ray Romano for example, is still cashing in on his very successful comedy sitcom “Everybody Love Raymond”. Charlie Sheen may not be the highest paid TV star anymore, but he is still proving that you can’t keep a good man down. Sliding in at no.10 on the list, Sheen is still earning mega bucks with his new TV show ‘Anger Management’. The most surprising entry is at no. 5, Mark Harmon’s role in “NCIS” is well secured with many viewers still regularly checking in to watch the show.

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Check out the list


1. Ashton Kutcher – $24 million – “Two and a Half Men”


Ashton Kutcher

2. Jon Cryer – $21 million – “Two and a Half Men”


Jon Cryer

3. Ray Romano – $16 million – “Everybody Love Raymond”


Ray Romano

4. Neil Patrick Harris – $15 million – “How I Met Your Mother”


Neil Patrick Harris

5. Mark Harmon – $15 million – “NCIS”


Mark Harmon

6. Patrick Dempsey – $13 million – “Grey’s Anatomy”


Patrick Dempsey

7. Tim Allen – $11 million – “Last Man Standing’


Tim Allen

8. Angus T. Jones – $11 million -“Two and a Half Men”


Angus T. Jones

9. Michael C. Hall – $10 million – “Dexter”


Michael C. Hall

10. Charlie Sheen – $10 million – “Anger Management”


Charlie Sheen

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