Apple sent out their invites for their 22nd October event. This time it wont be about iPhones, but rather iPads, MacBooks, Mavericks, and maybe an iWatch?

Here’s a list of everything you can expect, and hope for:

A New iPad

Fifth-generation iPad mockup by Martin Hajek.

Fifth-generation iPad mockup by Martin Hajek.

The 5th-gen iPad is expected to be noticeably thinner and lighter, while sporting a speedy new processor. Chances are it will also come with the fingerprint scanner. Apart from these expect an upgrade in just about every area: Camera, memory, Screen Resolution and Design.


A New iPad Mini with Retina Display

The lack of Retina display was a major disappointment when it was first launched, so expect to this be the first given. Then similarly to the iPad, expect a bump in Memory, Processor and possibly with the fingerprint scanner.

Supposedly leaked "iPad Mini 2" shells.

Supposedly leaked “iPad Mini 2” shells.


Macbook Pro and Mavericks

We’re getting new Macbook Pro’s and Desktop Machines. This is a given. Mavericks has been available to developers in golden master, or potential final form, since early this month. The desktop looks absolutely amazing, shown at this years WWDC. This beast will have 4K resolution on up to 3 screens!



What we hope for

There’s a few rumours going around that Apple TV may get an upgrade as well, but we’re not so optimistic about this one. Lastly we hope, and will genuinely be amazed if they manage to launch the iWatch. It;s no secret that Apple is working on an iWatch, but what it looks like and when we can expect it is still unknown.

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