made a list comprised of the hottest artists from all genres under the age of 21 for 2013. If you are over 21, you probably looked at the list scratching your head accompanied with a very confusing look on your face. Even I had to look at some of the names twice and crack open Google a couple of times to find out more about the millionaire youngsters. For those of you not in the know, head over to and checkout the article 21 Under 21: Music’s Hottest Minors 2013.

In the meantime I will make things a little easier for those of you who are still confused or curious to know who the youngsters are. Check out some of their popular music videos to give you an idea why they are famous:


1. One Direction


2. Justin Bieber


3. Miley Cyrus


4. Ariana Grande


5. Earl Sweatshirt (explicit lyrics)


7. Austin Mahone


8. Scotty McCreery


9. Cody Simpson


10. Emblem3


11. Cher Lloyd


12. Chief Keef


13. Bridgit Mendler


14. Miguelito


15. Joey Bada$$


16. Tori Kelly


17. Martin Garrix


18. Mindless Behavior


19. Matty B.


20. Lee Hi


21. Fifth Harmony