Bryce Dallas Howard has long been rumored to star  in “Jurassic World” till a recent report from Thewrap.com confirms that she is officially in talks to join the cast. The 3D film has been in development for 11 years with no word of any release dates until recent announcements that the film is due for a big screen opening.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard

Steven Spielberg will not be directing the fourth installment, he will however oversee the project as an executive producer. Colin Trevorrow has taken over the helm and will direct the next entry with a script he wrote with his “Safety Not Guaranteed” partner Derek Connolly. We still don’t have any juicy bits to tease us of what is in store, however Trevorrow reassures us that he will “make a kick-ass Jurassic Park movie” he explains in a recent interview.

tag....you're it

tag….you’re it!

“Jurassic Park 4″ was initially set to be released on June 13, 2014, however Universal decided not to rush production to give Trevorrow enough time to prep the shoot. The film is now due June 12, 2015. Jurassic Park IV is one of GeekShizzle’s anticipated releases set for 2015.