The first teaser trailer of upcoming 3D animation “The Nut Job” has been launched. The video gives a sneak peek of Surly, a plotting squirrel portrayed by Will Arnett. Surly and his rat friend Buddy, are planning a nut-store heist to stock up for the winter.

Will Arnett is the voice of Surly

Will Arnett is the voice of Surly

Surly is planning a heist of outrageous proportions which promises to be lots of fun filled with laughter. Adding some spice to the action packed comedy, Liam Neeson portrays the villainous Raccoon standing in the way of what seems like an easy job.

"No Nuts, No Glory"

“No Nuts, No Glory”

“The Nut Job” is based on Peter Lepeniotis 2005 short animated film “Surly Squirrel”. Lepeniotis will serve as director and the film will also be voiced by Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fraser, Stephen Lang and Maya Rudolph. Prepare for the ultimate winter heist with Surly and Buddy storming into theaters on January 17, 2014


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