The inspirational track called “One Voice”, featuring DJ David Guetta and singer/songwriter Mikky Ekko has made its way to the internet. The song is written to support humanitarian work around the world for the 2013 World Humanitarian Day campaign by the UN.


The clip opens with Guetta saying:

 “I see flags from Christian countries, Jewish countries, Muslim countries. And we are all together. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world, it makes me shiver.”

The campaign called “The World Needs More” allows each leading international companies to sponsor a hashtagged word they believe is lacking in the world. $1 will be donated for every sponsored word that people share on social media.

Companies involved in the campaign include Barclays Bank (#Inclusion), Western Union (#Education), Gucci (#Strength), Crescent Enterprises (#Entrepreneurs), KT (#Dreams), Intel (#Empowerment), GlaxoSmithKline (#Healthcare) and Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation (#Dialogue).

Check out the video