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With the release of Apple’s iOS 7, Siri is officially out of BETA stage. Siri sure has come a long way since its first release, and it  is encouraging to see how she has matured over the last few years. The list of things she can help you do gets bigger and bigger with every iOS release.


Below is a massive list of cool and very helpful things you can ask Siri, for the complete list check here.


Cool things you can ask Siri:

Siri Questions ios7 1 Siri Questions ios7 5 Siri Questions ios7 4 Siri Questions ios7 3 Siri Questions ios7 2

For the complete list check here.

Our biggest gripe with Siri still needs to be dealt with unfortunately. That is its recognition of English-speaking people who aren’t American. Let’s face it, if your accent is not american, then chances are 90% that you aren’t using Siri at all.