The group stages of the worlds biggest eSports event, the League of Legends World Championships 2013 are over, and the top 4 teams have been decided. For more info on the event, and to get an idea on how big this is, check here. The top 4 teams of the group stages will now face-off against the remaining 4 teams that qualified for the quarter finals by default.

The 4 teams that ended on top of the group stages where SK Telecom T1 from Korea, OMG from China, FNATIC from Europe, and GAMBIT BENQ from Europe. Here’s a recap of the group log:


SK Telecom T1, OMG, and FNATIC all finished with 7-1 records, showing that they were the definite powerhouses of the Group round. GAMBIT BENQ barely managed to squeak by with a record of 6-3 after a close tie-break game.

The quarter finals will take place until the 28th, when the final game will be decided, and will consist of a single set of best 2 out of 3. Below is the layout:


Mos to the 8 teams above have faced off against each other, and these matches will be very interesting to watch. Particularly the match between OMG and Royal Club. This was a replay of the final game of the Chinese regionals! This match is taking place on the 25th and won’t be one to miss.

Here’s a recap of quarterfinals Day 1:


Team OMG from China can be considered as the favourites, these guys are seriously talented, and their group stage record is impeccable. Checkout the current standings, game stats, and fixtures here.