Carrie is Stephen King’s first published novel (1974), better known for Brian De Palma’s film adaptation starring Sissy Spacek as the troubled teenager Carrie. Most of you are probably somewhat familiar with the most famous scenes from the supernatural horror-drama film which pins Carrie as a troubled teen with telekinetic powers that seem to manifest when she becomes angry. Tormented by her peers and finding it difficult to fit in, her situation soon becomes more challenging as she discovers that she possesses powerful telekinetic abilities that can lead to death and destruction.


Chloë Grace Moretz better know as “Hit-Girl” from Kick-Ass will portray Carrie White

Watch the trailer for Carrie (1976)

The new take on Stephen King’s Carrie has the talented Chloë Grace Moretz (Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass) cast as the troubled teen. The multi-award winning actress is more than capable of bringing to life one of the most iconic films produced in the 70’s.

Watch the official trailer for Carrie (2013)

“Boys Don’t Cry” helmer Kimberly Peirce is behind the lens directing the new take on Stephen King’s Carrie. One thing that stood out from the trailer is the full forced destruction of the town instead of just the the high school and those inside it. This closely resembles the ending of the book which will defiantly add more spice to the ending of the modern remake.

Back in 2012 reported that during the New York Comic-Con 2012 Peirce addressed fans saying :

“I didn’t take anything from [Brian De Palma]‘s movie. This is such a fantastic story and […] I need to bring it to life in a modern way. […] Our thing is naturally its own thing.”

Even though it appears that Peirce’s remake will be made with her own visual style and thematic emphasis, one can’t remove the fact that it fails to really show how this new version will win over fans of the 1976 cult classic. So many people know the story beat-for-beat and one can only hope that the final product will produce the shock factor and really showcase Moretz’s acting ability.

The March 15 release date for the anticipated film has been postponed to October 18. Just in time for Halloween.

Watch the Carrie Featurette: ‘Don’t Go To Prom’

The featurette has brief interviews with the film’s stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore and director Kimberly Peirce.